Weekly Maintenance

Living Green Elements Ltd. provides exceptional grounds maintenance services for strata complexes, commercial properties, public green spaces and residential homes. Our employees are your eyes and ears on the property, not only performing the specifications of our contract, but alerting you to potential issues before they become a problem, monitoring the long term health of your landscape and suggesting budget conscious ways to enhance your property.


Maintenance Service

  • Strata Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties

Strata Properties - We work with several strata properties in the Okanagan and have worked closely to develop a maintenance plan that works for the strata, making sure to stay within budget and not to run into any unexpected costs.

Commercial Properties - For commercial properties it is about have a consistent look throughout the year. We work closely with the property to develop a maintenance plan to ensure that only the required work is completed and then following up with the property to see if there are any changes to be made.

Residential Properties - Our dedicated team will meet with you to figure out what is required for a maintenance plan. We work with the owner closely to make sure there are no hidden costs and we keep to the budget. We make sure to service on the day and time requested and you the owner will come home to a beautifully landscaped green space at the end of a hard day.